All about Mike


Mike Darosa currently runs two businesses, which he founded, while working for an elite airline and studying to become a commercial pilot. Miraculously it has not kept Michael from being his crazy outgoing self. Often compared to such characters as Van Wilder, he still finds time in his busy schedule to tear some. Whether thats on one of his bikes, skiis, boards, or in his K-Swiss with his friends in whatever city they feel like. Often regarded as the craziest guy people have ever met, Michael continues to approach life like there is no tomorrow and lives by his own words,

"It is easier to regret something you did, then something you failed to attempt".

Michael's passion for all things extreme and outdoors began as a child spending all his free time being raised in Sao Miguel, one of the Azores Islands. He found that family, Friends and nature is all someone really needs. This idea was cemented in him while spending all of his winters in Thunder Bay, Canada with his crazy aunt Rosa and quite possibly even crazier uncle Emanuel.

His first bike was a Venture Lil'Bandit, the bike his Grandfather taught him how to ride. That bike was his first true love. After he outgrew that he moved on to Norco branded bikes and never looked back. Riding everywhere, often choosing to ride his bike instead of drive, his friends considerd him a nut-job which to this day he still takes as a compliment! Mike loves to ride, and has often been accused by his girlfriend of cheating on her with his bike which he affectionatly calls "Sunday Jen" after the Slackstring song. His current daily rides are an early 80's Norco Sasquatch, a 2008 Norco VPS Shore 2 and a 2001 VW Jetta VR6.

Skiing, Biking, Snowboarding, Surfing, Hiking, Flying, Boating, Driving...

If it involves movement, chances are Michael is doing it as you read this!



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